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Erik R. Trinidad

Contributing Writer & Digital Video Producer for

Nat Geo Travel

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Additional pieces: Best of the World 2016: Philippines (also appeared in the print magazine); I Heart My City: Erik's Brooklyn

Host, Director, and Producer of the science travel web series,

Plausibly Ridiculous

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(Episodes have appeared on,, Science Channel's Outrageous Acts of Science, and international Discovery Channels' You Have Been Warned.)

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Founder and Motion & Interactive Designer of


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Additional samples furnished upon request.

Adventure Travel Writer for Gore-Tex Presents

Experience More

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Food Writer for Condé Nast

Condé Nast Epicurious

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Travel Writer for

Conde Nast Traveler

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Fast Food Stylist, Satirist, and Creator/Author of

Fancy Fast Food

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Video: Making Fancy Space Food at NASA

TV Appearances: Erik on Rachael Ray, Foodography, Nightline, Weekend Today (Australia) and more

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Contributing Adventure/Travel Writer and Digital Video Producer for

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"Food Expert" on National Geographic Channel's Emmy-nominated

Nat Geo Brain Games

Full episode available on Netflix

Hightlighted Segments on YouTube: "Brownie Number Two" and
"Roadkill Café"

Food and Adventure Lifestyle Writer for

Drive the magaine from Subaru

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Independent Travel Blogger of

The Global Trip

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Video: Erik in an American Express commercial

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Culinary Travel Writer for


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Luxury Camp Reviewer for

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Food Blogger for

Food Network/Cooking Channel

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Travel Writer for

Puddingstone Post

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"Faculty" Culinary and Adventure Writer for Dos Equis'

Dos Equis The Most Interesting Academy

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T-Shirt Designer of

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Creator and Creative Director of

Does NY Love U Back?

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Travel/Lifestyle Writer for

Artful Living

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Travel/Lifestyle Writer for

Jet Blue Out of the Blue

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