Twenty-Five Years of Self-Branded Personal Projects (1996–2021)

by Erik R. Trinidad


The Man in the Refrigerator

An award-winning college student film, produced and directed for the Rutgers University - Newark Honors Program, which was a "live-action cartoon" that blended CG and live action. It's about a guy chasing the little man inside his refrigerator that turns the light on and off.

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planet: EEYARTEE

Originally the branded name of a design portfolio of student work at Rutgers University - Newark, it was redesigned for use as personal brand as a post-college designer.


S.A.T. (Surrender Any Time)

A 16mm student film for a School of Visual Arts Continuing Education film class, starring Mark Trinidad as a student who daydreams while taking the SAT exam.

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On-demand t-shirt and apparel store (powered by CafePress) featuring all the exits on New Jersey's Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.


Birds & Tuxedos

As self-published book of creative fiction about a journey to Antarctica (based on a true story).


The Global Trip

The collected works of travel writing, photography, and videos, including an award-winning travel blog chronicling a 'round-the-world trip from October 2003–March 2005, and subsequent journeys through 2013. "The Global Trip" brand eventually evolved into an Instagram feed.

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Trinimation / Trinidad Ventures, Inc.

New registered business brands for freelance work as an S corporation; "Trinimation" for motion, interactive, and design work, and "Trinidad Ventures, Inc." for all other projects, personal or for-hire.


Does NY ♥ U Back?

Originally a registered trademark printed on apparel, DNY♥UB? expanded to include an iPhone app serving as a geolocation-based sounding board for New Yorkers with Twitter integration.

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A branded collection of funny t-shirt designs, printed on demand by CafePress.


Fancy Fast Food

A food humor blog in which fast food items were reconfigured to look gourmet, without adding outside ingredients. The critically-acclaimed blog won several awards and eventually led to radio and television appearances, plus a satirical cookbook.

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Plausibly Ridiculous

A collection of off-beat travel videos with a scientific or cultural twist, originally produced as one-off videos for and National Geographic Travel. The videos were collected and rebranded as the web series "Plausibly Ridiculous," which continued with additional episodes. It won Best Travel Series in the 2017 international Travel FilmFEST.

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60-Second Excursions

A collection of quickly-edited travel videos, originally posted on the @theglobaltrip and @plausiblyridiculous Instagram accounts. They were branded to be presented in random order for a presentation at the 2020 New York Times Travel Show.

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A collection of cooking videos and photos, originally posted on @theglobaltrip's Instagram Stories, during the COVID-19 era.

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Car Glamping

A site and web series about "car glamping"—glamorous car camping utilizing car camp acceessories—with a Kia Telluride in various outdoor locations.

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Press Trip Apparel

On-demand t-shirt store (powered by Zazzle) with icons and phrases familiar to travel journalists and bloggers who go on press trips.

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